Talking Dog Scentwork Workshops Terms & Conditions

By making a booking you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions as detailed below:


Event – Talking Dogs Scentwork Workshop

Handler – Person attending the event with a dog

Spectator – Observor, person attending the event without a dog

Delegate – Handler or Spectator



  • Bookings are not confirmed without written confirmation from Tails We Win.
  • Completed booking forms and full payment must be received by Tails We Win by the given date for the booking to be confirmed.
  • Persons seeking to gain entry without a confirmed booking will not be granted entry to the event unless prior permission is given.
  • Pets not registered to attend the event will not be permitted entry.
  • A handler place is valid for one person and one dog.
  • A spectator place is valid for one person only (no dog).
  • If you book a handler place and wish another person to accompany you, he/she will have to book a spectator place, unless permission for his/her entry is expressly granted.
  • It is the delegate’s responsibility to ensure he/she attend on the correct date, time and place for the event according to the information provided by Tails We Win.


Fees and Prices:

  • The full event fee must be paid in advance of joining the event by a method acceptable to Tails We Win.
  • Failure to pay in a timely fashion may result in your place on the event being given to another client.
  • Price advertised at time of booking applies.


Event Attendance:

  • Tails We Win make every effort to ensure safety of both clients and dogs during the event. By making a booking the delegate accepts that dog training is not without risk as a physical activity and as such is reminded to train with due care and attention to his/her own safety and that of others.
  • Handers are responsible for the conduct of their dog at all times.
  • Neither Tails We Win nor Talking Dogs Scentwork nor any person acting on behalf of the companies accept any liability for any loss, damage, accident, injury or illness to dogs, handlers, spectators or any other persons or property whatsoever.
  • All dogs should be fully insured with public liability insurance.
  • All dogs must remain on lead unless specifically instructed otherwise by a trainer.
  • Bitches in season are not permitted to attend the event. Please notify Tails We Win if you think your bitch may come into season immediately prior or during the event.
  • Do not bring your pet to the event if your pet is ill or injured, or has been infected with, or been in contact with another dog infected with a contagious disease.


Refunds and Cancellations:

  • Notice* of cancellations received within:
  • 10 weeks notice or more: Full refund less £5 to cover administration costs.
  • Less than 10 weeks notice: No refund unless your place can be filled.
  • There are no exceptions.
  • If the event is cancelled by Tails We Win or Talking Dogs Scentwork then a full refund will be given.

*Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing & acknowledged by Tails We Win.



  • The delegate and his/her dog may be photographed and/or videoed during the event for research, teaching and advertising purposes.
  • If the delegate does not wish for his/her image to be used for commercial purposes please let Tails We Win know.
  • Unless the delegate states otherwise, your consent for use of photographs and/or video is implied.
  • No other photographs and/or videos may be taken without prior permission.