One to One Training and Behaviour Consult Terms & Conditions

Tails We Win cannot guarantee specific training results because success is dependent on the severity of the dog’s behaviour problem and on the Client’s ability to follow up on the plan.

The Client understands that dog training is not without risk to themselves, members of their family/household, guests or their dog(s).

Tails We Win will endeavour to offer only sound, safe and responsible training and training instructions. However Tails We Win is not responsible for any unintentional errors, omissions or incorrect assertions.

The Client understands that their dog’s behaviour now, and in the future is solely the responsibility of the Client(s). Should any behaviour of the Client’s dog now or in the future result in damage to property or person of Client or some third party, the Client agrees to assume full liability for any and all such damage, and absolves Tails We Win from any and all liability for obligations to pay for such damage, loss and or expenses arising out of any injury to any person or to any person’s property by the Client’s dog, unless it is the direct result of negligence by Tails We Win.

Tails We Win is not liable for illness, injury or death of the client’s dog unless it is the direct result of negligence by Tails We Win.

The recommendation of any other product or service is not a guarantee of the Client’s satisfaction with that product or service.

Fee for service may be paid by cash, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.

Tails We Win will provide the Client with an email summarising the session within 7 days for one to one training services, or a written report with an advised behaviour modification plan within 14 days of the initial visit for behaviour consults. Further visits will be organised between Tails We Win and the Client for mutually convenient times.