Walk this way – Loose lead walking

Your Challenge

Your daily dog walks are a grind, a seemingly never ending upper body workout. You avoid having to walk your dog on lead for any length of time because it’s non-stop push me pull you frustration! Loose lead walking seems light years away.

Or maybe your dog is OK when it’s quiet but get somewhere busy, with squirrels, food on the floor, other dogs and your dog turns into a steam train with only one destination in mind.

The Solution

Specific, specialised, short course to work out the kinks in your on-lead walks. Training outside at a private venue.

You’ll learn the secret to:

  • A dog who focusses on you and not what is up ahead.
  • A dog who resists distractions like squirrels, other dogs, last night’s takeaway.
  • A dog who chooses to walk by your side rather than pulling you to the chiropractor.

Focused training for specific results

There is only one aim in this course – to make on-lead walks enjoyable and loose lead walking the norm. All training is focused on this one outcome, no unnecessary extras that you’ll never use in real life.

Very good trainer, clear and concise. Does their best to understand you and your dog and what makes each tick. Very friendly.

K. M.



Small classes, professional tuition

Qualified, experienced instruction makes all the difference. You can be confident that with no more than 4 in a class you’ll get the individual attention that you need to reach your goals.


Online access

Sometimes you need a reminder of what you’re supposed to be doing. I’ve got you covered with online access to comprehensive, printable notes and demo videos to recap each class.


Hands-off, dog-friendly methods

I only employ and teach dog-friendly methods, no yanking or shouting here. Learn how to use food, toys, play and praise as effective reinforcement and rewards – no bribery!

Woman and dog enjoying a loose lead walk together through the woods

Clear and concise instruction in a friendly manner, with plenty of advice and tips.

E. Passon


Sign up for Walk This Way now

For all dogs of any age or breed.

£50 for 3 week course, held at a private training venue Petworth, West Sussex

Upcoming start dates:

2 – 16 Sept 10.30-11.30am (Saturday mornings)


Private field Petworth