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Structured scentwork classes taking you on a journey from Novice Noses to Super Sniffers.

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About Scent Classes


Your dog has an amazing sense of smell and a natural desire to hunt.

These scentwork classes focus on encouraging and developing your dog’s natural scenting abilities.

This is an ideal way for your dog to have fun, build confidence and burn lots of mental and physical energy. 

This is a class where dogs get to be dogs.

All too often we ask our dogs to stop using their primary sense and instead see the world how we humans view it.

In these classes we honour the dog for his natural abilities and give him a legitimate outlet for him to use them.

What You’ll Get

Dog centric style searching

Where the dog is honoured, confidence built in layers, with the handler as an interactive part of the team.

new challenges

Increase your dog’s experience and confidence with new searches each course – outside, people, luggage, mail, we’ve even searched underwater and buried under ice!

Small classes

No more than 4 in a class along with professional, experienced tuition means you can be confident you’ll get plenty of individual attention to reach your potential as a search team.

dog friendly methods

Only modern dog (and people) friendly methods, no yanking or shouting here.

If your dog could choose

He’d choose to do scentwork classes.

These classes are perfect for all dogs regardless of age, size, breed or personality.

Each dog will have an opportunity to build confidence in new environments and work around obstacles without the stress of interacting with other dogs. This makes it perfect for those dogs that can struggle in group settings.

We’ve developed a programme of classes with progression based on the dog-handler team’s ability and experience. Each set of classes is only 3 weeks long.

Novice Noses – the first step into your dog’s world. You’ll teach your dog to search for a specific scent and learn the basics of handling

Fledgling Finders – the next step after Novice Noses. You’ll learn how to direct your dog through a search pattern for maximum efficiency while extending your dog’s experience and confidence in the search.

Super Sniffers – by invitation only. For those experienced teams who want to really push the boundaries and see what they are capable of.

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Dates for 2020 coming soon.

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