Come Back! – Build a brilliant recall

Your Challenge

A dog that is highly distracted outside and appears to forget you exist the moment the lead comes off (or even before then!)

A dog that runs off to greet other dogs or people and won’t come back until he gets bored.

A dog that just doesn’t seem interested or motivated by you, your treats or toys and prefers to explore the environment even when you bring out the big guns.

The Solution

A class dedicated to just building your dog’s recall. 6 weeks of training stuffed full of games to keep you and your dog motivated.

Held in a private field with real world distractions right from the start, no sterile village hall environments here.

Use games to build an excellent recall

Dogs that have a good recall get to enjoy more freedom, and you get to enjoy less stress and worry when out on a walk.

However excellent recalls don’t happen overnight and often break down during adolescence when your puppy starts to gain confidence and discover the joys of wildlife, dogs, people…..

This 6 week recall program uses positive reinforcement in the form of treats, toys, movement and environmental rewards to create a dog that can’t wait to get back to you.

I loved the course and it helped enormously. I had no hesitation in travelling the distance from Surrey as the course was so good! A. Kelly



Multiple games, building difficulty

New games introduced each week, building step by step to the ultimate recall. Games keep you and your dog interested and give options for any scenario you may face in the real world.

Small classes, professional tuition

Qualified, experienced instruction makes all the difference. You can be confident that with smaller sized classes and excellent tuition, you will be well on your way to teaching your dog all he needs for an excellent recall.
woman with golden retriever enjoying a quiet moment together in the woods
Tan and white terrier displaying a great recall by running back to its owner

Online access

Sometimes you need a reminder of what you’re supposed to be doing. I’ve got you covered with online access to comprehensive, printable notes and demo videos to recap each class.


Hands-off, dog-friendly methods

I only employ and teach dog-friendly methods, no yanking or shouting here. Learn how to use food, toys, play and praise as effective reinforcement and rewards – no bribery!

We have seen a massive improvement in the last few weeks. Not just in his recall either. The games and exercises we have learnt can be done at any time and we will continue to use them forever. The tips we have learnt alongside the training have been invaluable too. L. Proffitt-Mouland


Great value for money with plenty of added extras; clicker, whistle and an unending supply of titbits in case you run out, are all on hand, but most importantly, results. Kai has enjoyed every one of the three courses we have undertaken. He comes home exhausted and happy and we will continue to attend as many courses as Kelly can organise! Thank you! E. Dawkins


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For dogs and puppies of any age or breed.

£125 for 6 week course, held in training field in Petworth

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Private field Petworth