Behave! – Real life skills

Your Challenge

Maybe your dog missed out on early training, maybe you have an older puppy or an unruly teenager on your hands, or maybe you just want your dog to be a little bit more like the picture in your head of a calm, well behaved, loving companion you could take pretty much everywhere.

There’s lots of information out there on how to train dogs but much of the advice is conflicting and a lot of it sounds a bit boring and not quite relevent so how do you know what’s good and what to ignore?

Dog training class sounds like a good idea but there’s good and bad and how do you know what makes a good class and what your dog really needs to learn?

The Solution

Purpose designed classes that concentrate on the most important aspects of what your dog needs to be able to do in our modern world.

Advice on common problems, exercises to teach your dog to do the right thing without you having to tell him. Nagging and micro managing can become a thing of the past. Comprehensive training notes and video to help you continue the good work throughout the week.

No time wasted on superfluous behaviours that you really aren’t going to use outside of class. All effort is concentrated on teaching basic behaviours and concepts to an exceptional standard to get you that well behaved dog you’ve always dreamed of.

A new approach to dog training

Traditional dog training classes have concentrated on obedience exercises inherited from competition and working dog needs. While these skills can be impressive, they are generally not so useful for a pet dog in our modern world. Our pet dogs actually require just a few “behaviours” but they need to be able to do them in the face of huge distractions. 

You are busy with work life, home life, children and/or elderly parents to cater to and don’t have much more mind space for telling the dog what to do all the time as well. What you really want is a calm, well behaved dog that chooses to the do the right thing without you having to tell them all the time. Behave! – Real life skills has been specifically designed for this.

Behave! courses use the idea of teaching general concepts to your dog that he can then apply himself to various situations he encounters in every day life (with perhaps the occassional bit of help from you). This is a completely different way of training your dog and uses fun short games to play that can easily be fitted into your busy life. 

6 week course of fun games and exercises with situational themes each week. You will benefit from specialised instruction focused on teaching your dog to make good choices, without you have to nag. Taught by a qualified, experienced behaviourist so any problems can be identified early and dealt with swiftly.

Very approachable, excellent training. Tailoring the teaching specifically to take into account the particular needs of my dog. Good, sensible, easy to understand, and at a reasonable cost too. It is easy to see a marked improvement, very pleased with progress S. M.



Focused on what really matters

Does your dog really need to do a 10min sit stay while you walk away the length of a field? Or does well behaved really mean you need him to settle on his bed while the kids are running around, or so you can watch a bit of TV in the evening undisturbed?

Small classes, professional tuition

Qualified, experienced instruction makes all the difference. You can be confident that with smaller sized classes (maximum of 4 in a class) and excellent tuition, you will be well on your way to teaching your dog all he needs to be a good pet dog.
labrador with good life skills spending time with his family in the living room
well behaved dog lying at woman's feet while out in the woods

Online access

Sometimes you need a reminder of what you’re supposed to be doing. I’ve got you covered with online access to comprehensive, printable notes and demo videos to recap each class.

Hands-off, dog-friendly methods

I only employ and teach dog-friendly methods, no yanking or shouting here. Learn how to use food, toys, play and praise as effective reinforcement and rewards – no bribery!

Fun games!

Short games to teach concepts rather than the usual boring sit – stay. You’ll still be able to teach your dog to sit or walk on a loose lead, but I’ll arm you with the skills to teach your dog to want to stay close, to settle and relax, to show restraint and be polite without you having to tell him what to do all the time.  


Behave! - wherever you are

Make chiropractor visits unnecessary thanks to no more pulling on lead. Look forward to a dog that comes back when you call, a dog you can take to the pub or local cafe and will rest quietly at your feet while you enjoy a drink. Put a stop to leaping all over visitors, make begging (or just plain self-service) at the dinner table a thing of the past. You’ll get a dog that will chillax with you in the evenings while you watch TV.

What’s not to like? Kelly and Alison understand dogs, they don’t just train dogs (and their owners!). If you want to not only train yourself and your dog, but to understand why they do (or don’t) do things, go along. E. D.


Tails We Win runs the courses we need and we will be back on future courses! A. M.


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For all dogs of any age or breed.

Tuesday evenings from 6.30-7.20pm, Loxwood, West Sussex

£125 per 6 week course

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