Canine Concepts!

Your Challenge

Your adorable puppy who never put a paw wrong seems to have disappeared and you’re left with a dog that lurches from as sweet as pie to a horrible maniac in the blink of an eye. You had thought that you had successfully trained your puppy and he was the star of training class only now you wonder whether someone has swapped your dog when you weren’t looking. He appears to have forgotten everything and you’re exasperated by the backslide just when you thought you were making progress.

Or maybe you never knew your dog as a puppy and have adopted an adult and don’t know where to start to build a relationship with this dog who seems to want very different things from you.

The Solution

Specific, specialised, course to help you navigate what can be a difficult period for both you and your dog. Activities designed for canine brains and bodies to support development through the adolescent stage and beyond.

Dogs! – Who’d have ’em?

You loved your beautiful, perfect puppy so much but now you’re wondering if you made a horrible mistake. Everything you spent so long teaching seems to have fallen out of his  head.

The adolescent period is difficult for your dog and everyone around them. Teenage bodies are growing fast and they may need help learning how to use them all over again. Not to mention teenage brains! There’s a lot going on there which requires patience (oh, so much patience……) but specific activities can help support their development at this time. This is not the age to allow them to practise “wildness” – what they learn now will stick. 

You adopted your adult dog with this idea of a dog a bit like Lassie where you’d totally understand each other with some kind of magic telepathy. Sadly that just doesn’t seem to be happening. Maybe you made a horrible mistake.

However you got your dog, whether from a puppy or as an adult it can sometimes be overwhelming. You’re not sure you’ll ever understand each other and training has become a chore, that’s if it’s even happening at all with your wild and willful canine.

While this class first came about with those crazy teenagers in mind it quickly became clear that it is perfect for any dog, no matter what age they are. Even if your dog is well behaved you can still benefit from this class and get to learn what really makes your dog tick.

We aren’t concerned with perfect obedience here. Instead I’ve designed this course to develop the canine brain (and maybe yours too!) with short fun games to teach concepts and build relationship so that you can remember (or find out) just how special your dog is and how you can enjoy life together as you learn more about each other.


Focused on development

This isn’t the class to teach your dog specific behaviours (see our Behave! courses for that). This course is designed support your dog’s development with activities to help teach body awareness, impulse control, focus and more. Each week has a new concept to introduce to you both.


Small classes, professional tuition

Qualified, experienced instruction makes all the difference. You can be confident that with no more than 4 in a class you’ll get the individual attention that you need to reach your goals.
Woman and dog enjoying a loose lead walk together through the woods
Woman and dog enjoying a loose lead walk together through the woods

Online access

Sometimes you need a reminder of what you’re supposed to be doing. I’ve got you covered with online access to comprehensive, printable notes and demo videos to recap each class.

Hands-off, dog-friendly methods

I only employ and teach dog-friendly methods, no yanking or shouting here. Learn how to use food, toys, play and praise as effective reinforcement and rewards – no bribery!

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Designed specifically with dogs aged 6months – 2years in mind, but absolutely any age will benefit

£100 for 6 week course, held at North Hall, Loxwood

2018 Start Dates:

23 January, 27 March, 22 May, 24 July, 25 September

North Hall