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Enrichment Booklet

Want to know more about enrichment? What it is and how you can incorporate it into your busy life without a huge amount of effort?

I know what it is like to share my life with busy dogs who need occupying while I’m busy working and running the household. Sometimes it can feel like they are always a step ahead – who am I kidding, it’s more like 3 steps at least! I’ve discovered simple tricks to engage my dogs in a variety of activites to keep them calm and content and therefore well behaved. I use different activites daily so there is always a variety – it is the spice of life afterall! – and it’s flexible enough to work around my busy life without hassle.

Download my free Enrichment Ideas booklet below, and you too can enjoy life with a calmer canine; no gimmicks, no tricks, just press the button and you get the booklet and find out why enrichment is important and ways to activate your dog’s brain.

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I’ve also produced some information sheets on different topics that you are welcome to download or share as you wish. I just ask that if you’re sharing them you include the footers that identify them as my work – because that’s the polite thing to do 🙂

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