Talking Dogs Scentwork

What is it?

Talking Dogs Scentwork was developed by Pam Mackinnon following her time as a drug detector dog handler with HM Customs & Excise. This form of scentwork is about teaching the dog to find a specific scent, not a specific item. The scent is the key.

We are delighted to be hosting Helen Greenley BSc, PGDip CABC again for these workshops after having such great feedback from previous attendees. This is a free-flowing search style which allows the dog to cover complex areas efficiently and effectively. Unlike other forms of scentwork the handler is an integral part of the search, working to support the dog and ensure the whole area is cleared. This makes it an excellent way to reconnect with your dog helping you build relationship. It builds trust and can help with focus in young or impulsive dogs.

TD Scentwork is suitable for all breeds and ages of dogs and by integrating techniques from other disciplines and encouraging the use of food as well as toys it is accessible to all. Dogs are allowed to be dogs and engage in a natural activity that owners can often find annoying or worrisome. We can harness and control the search instead of battling against our dog’s natural desires.

The Workshops

Scent 1

An introduction to scentwork where you and your dog learn the basics. Your dog will be introduced to a specific scent and will be encouraged to give an active indication (where your dog plays with the scented article or eats the food find). You will learn about the scent picture, basic handling skills, free searching and blind searches.

There are no pre-requisites for dogs or handlers attending this workshop, all are welcome.

Scent 2

This builds on Scent 1 and is open to anyone who has completed a Scent 1 course.

This workshop concentrates on handling skills, introducing directed searches and search patterns. These allow temas to increase the challenge of the searches, including changes of height, duration of the search and multiple or zero finds. Building on the foundation searches, this day will push the boundaries and challenge your team.

Scent 3

The skill builder level, pushing the use of search patterns. The searches become longer, thresholds smaller. Hiding scented articles inside items inside other items requires your team to work more accurately and efficiently. New on lead searches such as baggage and postal sacks may also be introduced.

Open to any handlers who have completed Scent 2 previously.

Scent 5

Practise day. Honing your team’s skills through multiple finds, blank searches and declaring the search area clear. Find out just how well you and your dog are really working. This is great preparation for Scent 6 and working towards accreditation.

Open to handlers who have completed Scent 3 previously.

We are hosting more workshops in 2017

Loxwood Village Hall, Loxwood, West Sussex

Scent 3 – 9th April, 2017

Scent 5 – 2nd July, 2017

Scent 1 – 15th October, 2017

Scent 2 – 12th November, 2017

North Hall

North Hall,

Guildford Road,


West Sussex,

RH14 0SF